I help men rewrite the false stories that have limited their masculinity, relationships, and identity so they can create stronger connections with their families, friends, and most importantly themselves. I’ve designed the ARC method (Activate Awareness, Rewrite your story, Cultivate Connection) that enables men like you to unleash your greatness, access your true power, and discover the sweet spot in your life. With over 6,000 coaching hours since 2010, the clients I’ve worked with have overcome toxic relationships, reclaimed their professional passion, regained a sense of authentic connection and unwavering confidence in who they are as men in the world. Most of all, they have re-established the balance in their lives and reclaimed their power.


About Aaron: I spent 30 years living in the mundane, searching for the meaning in life. My journey began in Philadelphia in 1978. During my high school years, I remember being incessantly curious — pushing the edges, testing limits, and voluntarily sacrificing my time and energy to gain first-hand experience.

I started drumming when I was six years-old and that became the foundation of my creative mastery. But it wasn’t until after emerging from the Air Force that I really started listening to the sound of my inner voice — the same voice that would later ignite others find their voices, too. As a police officer, I inevitably learned the power of pausing, slowing down and staying focused in the moment. As a sales executive, I trudged through the extreme oscillation of failure and triumph. And as a father, son and brother, I experienced the depths of rejection, grief and shame that many men endure, but very few transform.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, for it made me the man I am today and empowered me to understand the essence of life — that richness is found in the mundane moments, connection to brotherhood is essential for survival, and the pain of our wounds is the source of our freedom. All we must do is surrender to the greater flow of life.  Our inner warriors, our rising kings, are howling from deep inside. And once we finally hear them, we remember that we are innately creative, resourceful, and whole. 

From one king to another, it’s an honor to be your brother.




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