As men we often feel stuck in our old stories and limiting beliefs around relationships. We lose our sexiness due to all the other roles we have to fulfill in our lives. Our marriages suffer because now we’ve taken many things for granted. We become stuck in our old paradigm and our sex appeal is lost. Our creativity in life is abandoned. Our jobs are just a means for income and away time.


It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to continue living a mediocre life. We can still be a family man while embracing your sexiness. We can claim what we really want in life. You can step outside of your limiting beliefs and thrive in whatever excites you. You can strengthen the connection with those around you while enjoying life again.


In my 3 month group program, we’ll evoke transformation in your body, soul, and spirit. You’ll get a closer look at what’s been holding you back from achieving greatness and you’ll connect with likeminded men who are eager to elevate their views in life. Consider my group session as a powerful wolfpack. We’ll all work together to take down big game. Big game represents challenges in your life. There’s strength in numbers.


My course is designed to shift your limiting beliefs into a more thriving story.

In my 3 month course, you’ll…..

-Identify your life’s theme along with the stories you’ve created to support your life’s theme

-Get a clear understanding of what’s important to you

-Complete the weekly homework assignments

-Connect with other like-minded men

-Learn how to rewrite your life’s story

-Shift perspectives around challenging areas of your life

-Join me every 2 weeks on a 90 minute discussion


I am a guy who has been married twice and has experienced some heart breaking moments in life. After two failed marriages, I decided to not shift the blame to anyone other than myself. I needed to understand how I had contributed to both relationships falling apart. I had to know what it felt like to start the healing process. I wanted to reclaim my sexiness and own my life. I used myself as a test subject to unlock many doors to life’s mysteries. I began to gain a clear understanding of the false stories I had told myself for many years around my trauma.

After attending coaching school, I began shifting my perspectives around life. I discovered some amazing principles that have contributed to me living a prosperous and fulfilling lifestyle. My healing process wasn’t just my shift in perspectives, it was also around evoking transformation in other men who were experiencing lack of confidence, stress at work, boring marriages, and a disintegrated sex life. I reclaimed my passion for life’s many gifts and I rewrote my life’s story.

Once a man taps into his own true masculine archetype, he can move mountains.

“Aaron has a talent for coaching men. His empathy shines through, making you feel heard in a deep and powerful way.”


Retreat Participant

“Aaron is a level headed coach with very clear thinking. He focuses on the big picture and is an extremely creative person that will formulate a plan for a positive end result.”



“Aaron is a positive, determined, genuine person with amazing coaching skills. I appreciate his work.”